About Vodice

Vodice is a tourist center, known for its liveliness, variety of tourist offers and friendly hosts. It is located on the coast in a wide bay, 11 km northwest of Šibenik, the center of the Šibenik-Knin County. Vodice has 10 000 inhabitants today and is an ideal holiday destination where everyone can find something for themselves.

The first settlements developed in the hinterland of Vodice in prehistoric times. The road from which you enter the city from the left and right hides our roots and the history of today's life in the area.

Rakitnica, Mrdakovica, Pišća, Kamena and Okit - these are the fertile estates of our diligent peasants and were once the settlements and villages where they lived and worked. Numerous material finds are a testament to the continuous settlement of this region since the Iron Age.

With the construction of the first large tourist facilities, Vodice has been transformed from a fishing and farming village into a serious tourist center, which has become a famous destination for selective and health tourism with the development of major tourism and infrastructure projects. Numerous tourist capacities, both in hotels and private accommodation, are being used by an increasing number of tourists every year - and investment in real estate and additional capacity is the best form of investment.

Vodice is located in an extremely favourable geographical position in an area that has two national parks, larger centers such as Šibenik and Zadar, with countless cultural and historical monuments under UNESCO protection, and is only a three and a half hour drive away from the Croatian metropolis. Vodice is also an ideal destination for shorter weekend trips or day trips. Not to mention the coastline with a series of uninhabited islands and beautiful bays.

Smaller tourist centers such as Srima, Tribunj, the islands Murter, Prvić, Zlarin and others complete this picture. We can find your perfect corner and a haven of peace or your business success in all these places, or even beyond.